Vanilla Introduction : Another Level NFT Amplifying & Automated Lending Platform.

2 min readAug 8, 2023

Vanilla is a platform service that provides profit realization opportunities through deposit, lock-up and boosting using the platform native token BUM, and NFT collateral loan service through NFT reinforcement.

Our Ethereum-based Dapp Vanilla platform not only includes NFT marketplace auction, trading, and ticketing features, but also introduces the concept of enriching NFTs using some of Chainlink’s features. We have added a model that allows you to borrow BUM native tokens, our native token, through NFT. So, you can think of a Vanilla platform as a model that combines NFT and DeFi models using BUM native tokens. There is a dashboard function on the main page, where you can check how much commission has been generated in the NFT marketplace, and there is an additional concept of NFT reinforcement. When this is done, a certain reinforcement value is randomly given to the NFT through Chainlink’s VRF Direct Funding function. If this reinforcement value is granted, you can take more BUM native tokens from our platform as compensation, and through this, you can borrow BUM tokens as collateral. So, on the dashboard, you can check the fees accordingly, how much BUM tokens can be borrowed, how much is borrowed, how many NFTs are collateralized, and these reinforcement numbers are stored, etc.

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Vanilla Testnet(Sepolia) Dashboard Main Page
Vanilla Model Full Data Dashboard